This year, the high blood pressure child suddenly

This year, the high blood pressure child suddenly

During the epidemic prevention and control, many children are homes at home, and they eat more movements. The problem is coming.

According to the clinical data of the Capital Institute, the overall number of cardiovascular patients in the hospital has increased by about 20% more than the epidemic. In June last year, there were 14,951 cases of outpatients and follow-up patients, and the ward was 109 children. Case 1 I found that the child’s blood vessel cracked from June last year, Shilin, director of the cardiovascular internal medicine of the School Research Institute, has a particularly obvious feeling: Hypertension has increased.

Previously, most of the medical admission of the Child Research was an emergency of the advancement, heart failure, etc. from all over the country, but since the second half of last year, the internal medicine number was tightened, "" There are more parents who come to the outpatient plus. " . The department temporarily expanded the amount of outpatient, and the doctor overtime.

These children often have a few common: body shape is full of big belly; always feel the headache; the appetite is strong, the red meat, fried chicken legs is the biggest hobby; lazy, I don’t want to move.

For a long time, most is because of the time of studying at home during the epidemic, and there is much more exercise, plus the work is irregular, and the weight has grown too fast. Seeing such a child, Shilin basically has a judgment, which is likely to be a hypertension. There is a child to make Shilin impressed. Because of the total complaints, the child has been inspected by the parents, and blood pressure is measured, the shrink pressure has been as high as 200 mm Hg! The situation is urgent, and the blood vessels have rupture risk, Shilin hurry to contact the bed to let children be hospitalized. At this time, the parents still don’t care, "This child, I don’t want to learn, so I want to be touched, the ghost is more." For this, Shilin is very helpless.

Shilin reminds, dizziness, headache, long fat, emotionally irritated children, must come to the hospital to test the blood pressure, especially the family with high blood pressure family, need more attention. The case 2 of the house is 3 months of fat six or seventy pounds of 12-year-old Dalin is a hypertension. He is 100 kilograms of height of height.

On August 18 last year, because of the headache, Ms. Han took him to the University of Technology. The results show: primary hypertension level 2, accompanied by kidney damage, fatty liver, hyperuricemia, high insulinemia. How did the child have high blood pressure? It turned out that Ms. Han went to work in a supermarket, two classes of each day, her husband also contracted a total traffic.

During the epidemic, the classroom moved home, and the child basically became a state of no people. Before working every day, Ms. Han will do breakfast and lunch. In order to encourage children to learn, she left some snacks at home. Gradually, she feels that the child’s living habits have changed: before the child loves to eat vegetarian food, now I can eat three or four chicken legs now; I am sleepy in bed, I am sleeping in bed; I don’t have taste, when I dinner I like to pour the soup into the rice, I also like to eat tomato sauce, chili sauce and other condiments, secretly buy snacks and sweet drinks … see the child fat, Han Ms. Han is anxious.

Later, the school’s routine examination found problems, and the child’s blood pressure is high.

I don’t know, the child has been 670 pounds for 3 months. "It’s really watching him gain fat, I really regret that I didn’t have a good management." Hold the checklist, Ms. Han regret. Customized exclusive sports diet hospital is in close half a month, Dalin’s blood pressure is finally stabilized, but the greater challenge is still behind.

Seeing Shilin, Dalin Mom is uneasy, "Is this antihypertensive, is it not stopped in this life?" In this, Shilin gave a negative reply, the child is different from adults, some diseases adjust life in time The way is actually reversible.

"The child suffers from slow disease, the treatment is just a beginning, and the tracking management of daily lifestyle is more important.

"Looking at so many high blood pressure of the home, the medical experts are also very urgent. How can I help parents have more professional adjustment of lifestyle? The department decided to manage the child," into group management ", doctors Incaround fitness coach and nutritionist, to develop exclusive sports prescriptions and diet, urged children to implement them. Before entering the group, cardinal team and clinical nutrition team to Dalin’s gender, age, weight, body mass index, blood pressure Elevated levels and multiple test results such as sports cardiopulmonary tests were evaluated, Dalin got its own "low salt low-fat diet plus aerobic exercise" prescription.

In the prescription, how many staple foods, lean meat, drink how much low fat milk every day, how many fruits and vegetables, oils, salts are needed, and the total cost of eating, eating sequence, and cooking methods are also marked.

"For obese children, it should strictly limit the total intake of total heat, while limiting the high cholesterol food such as egg yolk, animal internal organs, shellfish," said Liu Yang, deputy chief physician of the Cardiology of the University, "Marinated products such as the sausage Fried foods such as fried chicken legs, pizzas, etc. are high salt foods, and it is recommended to eat less. "The exercise prescription has set a week of at least 3 times a week, at least 20 minutes to 30 minutes, medium intensity exercise, among which Not only walking, running, cycling, dancing, swimming, etc., there are aerobics such as swimming, but also attractive up, sit-up, lifting legs, stretching legs.

Liu Yang explained that for children who have stable blood pressure, there is a steady blood pressure, but the exercise needs to achieve a certain strength. "If the heart rate reaches 140 times to 150 times per minute, it is considered a standard "Doctor also gives food and medication adjustment recommendations according to the weekly measured data, 24 hours to reply to parents’ questions.

It is recommended to encourage more accompanying Qilin and Liu Yang often receive a private letter sent by his parents. "In the face of this situation, Shilin’s way is to encourage, establish a goal; use the method, cultivate habits; Children are often not very good.

The body is fat, I don’t worry, I want to sit down and hold the mobile phone, and I don’t want to communicate.

"Doing health management at home, parents must encourage children.

"Shilin combined with outpatient experience to give parents, such as half a month, let the children send a few photos to the doctor." You see, recently thinned some, small chin come out. "When you encounter difficulties, don’t pay attention to your child at will, you can make a plan to develop a good habit.

Shilin team guides parents to turn the dietary persons into forms, record weights per day, blood pressure, etc., complete the goals, and put a small red flower. There is also the most important thing to accompany. "A lot of parents, putting this thing in the child, which is certainly not. The most ideal state is to do with the child." Shilin is very touching this. In the group, the most obvious buck is also these families.

The child ran in front, parents chased back; choose interesting sports, such as playing basketball, playing badminton, etc. Down. "These days, we have statistically for the data in the past year. After the management of food and drinking exercises and regular use, 30% of the hypertension have been stopped or reduced.

Shi Lin said.

"Slow disease management is a long-term process, although it is difficult, but it is done, it will let the children benefit for a lifetime." Shilin said that parents have to be confident, if only light and medium blood pressure rises, not combined with heart , Kidney, fundus, etc., in time, timely intervention, it can achieve the effect of clinical cure. Doing health guidance in groups, doctors often have to pay more energy than outpatients, but they are unpaid, but Shilin feel that the team is doing a very good thing.

"Children who have a successful life is her happiest thing. Through health management, children do not value health, restore confidence, and their parents have become more harmonious.

(Reporter Yang Xunjun correspondent pool Yang).