Shenzhen-Hong Kong high quality operation five years has nearly 42 trillion yuan

Shenzhen-Hong Kong high quality operation five years has nearly 42 trillion yuan

  On December 5, 2021, the five anniversary of Shenzhen Hong Kong.

In the past five years, Shenzhen Hong Kong has a smooth operation, the mechanism arrangement is continuously optimized, the transaction scale and market impact continue to improve, and further empower Shenzhen-Hong Kong capital market reform and development, which has strong promotes the interconnection of Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macai District, China, and helps improve my country. Capital market is openly open. In the past five years, the market agencies and investors in the two places have actively participated in the Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Hong Kong-Hong Kong-through, and the size of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Hong Kong-Hong Kong Tongbao transaction has grown rapidly. Data show that as of December 5, Shenzhen-Hong Kong-through-accumulated transaction amount trillion yuan, an average annual growth rate, became an important window for my country’s capital market.

The deposit of the accumulated transaction amount is trillion yuan, with an average annual growth rate, which presents accelerated growth; Hong Kong stocks (hereinafter referred to as Hong Kong stocks), the total amount of trillion yuan, an average annual growth, and maintain continuous trend . With the increase in the amount of transaction, the influence of deep and Hong Kong’s capital market is increasingly improved. At present, the share of the share of the A-share transaction amount in the deep market is%, and the ratio of Hong Kong stocks in Hong Kong stock market has reached%. It has become an important channel to attract incremental funds, which is to enhance transaction activity and market liquidity. Make a positive contribution. In the past five years, the relevant mechanism has been continuously optimized, and the interconnection and mutual hooves are steady.

Since May 2018, the deposit of 3 billion yuan is raised from 13 billion yuan to $ 52 billion, and the Hong Kong stocks increased from 10.5 billion yuan to 42 billion yuan, enhancing the convenience of overseas, long-term institutional investors participating in the A-share market. Degree, providing an international index including MSCI, Fuji Russeu, etc., demonstrating my country’s determination and confidence in China’s expansion of capital markets. At the same time, the scope of the standard is constantly rich. In the past five years, the deep departments have actively promoted the scope of the deep-Hong Kong general standard, which will be included in the Harbor stocks corresponding to the Harbor stocks, the Biotechnology Company, and the Bochuchi A + H shares. The shares will meet the market demand of investors. The data shows that the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Tong Double-port stock market value is increasing. International investors have bought billions of dollars through the Shenzhen shareholder, with average share market value, accounting for% of the Shenzhen A-share circulation market value, and became an important investment force in the A-share market.

Mainland investors passed Hong Kong stocks through Hong Kong stocks, and the stock market value is from Hong Kong dollars to consolidate and enhance the status of the international financial center to inject more source live water. It is worth noting that the proportion of investment in the GEM is increasing.

The deposit investor participates in the enthusiasm of the GEM, especially the GEM reform and the implementation of the pilot registration system, the proportion of the GEM in the depository, net buying, and shareholding market, increased to%,% And%, showing international investors’ widespread recognition of reform results. It is understood that international investors have more recognized in terms of innovation in the city. DEVEAN Tongliang played the role of bridges, driving cross-border funds to accelerate agglomeration to hard technology, new economic sectors, especially in emerging industries such as new materials, new energy, biomedicine, and new generation technology. In the past five years, the Shenzhen Foreies have continuously optimize the investment environment and effectively maintain the trade order. Deep, the needs of investors is oriented, and the development of online voting systems is developed, and international investors participate in listed corporate governance channels. Continuously enrich international investor service means, provide interactive English services, build a listed company English yellow pages, launching a listed company of Shenzhen shares to disclose the Chinese and English to review, carry out international road performances, organizing a series of activities such as global investor service, promoting overseas investment Interact with the Shenzhen City Company to ensure legitimate rights and interests of international investors.

At the same time, the deep intensive abnormal transaction monitoring, discovery abnormal situation, timely, according to law, deal with the law, effectively safeguard the order of Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Hong Kong-Hong Kong-through transaction, and prevent market risk cross-border conveying.

The market main body in the two places is in the opportunity to explore the coverage of expanding brokerage, research and consulting business, and pragmatically carry out the innovation and index innovation of Shenzhen-Hong Kong-to-the theme, and the level of supervision collaboration has continued to increase. In terms of deep exchange, it will adhere to the guidance of China’s characteristic socialist thinking in Xi Jinping, in accordance with the unified deployment of the SFC, the new development stage of the conscious station, complete and accurate and fully implement the new development concept, and actively build the new development pattern, further improve the interconnection Interoperability, promotion optimization of my country’s capital market high-level two-way open institutional mechanism, and fully build quality innovation capital centers and world-class exchanges, making positive contributions to the construction of Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau Dawan District.