Resolutely prevent the epidemic from rebound! Shaanxi is fully tightening social management measures

Resolutely prevent the epidemic from rebound! Shaanxi is fully tightening social management measures

People’s Network Xi’an July 30 (Deng Nan) Today, the 36th press conference of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work, the deputy director of the Provincial Division, the deputy director of the Provincial Division, recently, the recent epidemic prevention and control situation and related Work arrangements have been introduced. "It has been fully tightening social management measures, resolutely prevents the epidemic from rebound.

According to Ma Guanghui, in order to cope with the recent foreign countries, the provincial population is input, and Shaanxi has been "Doing a good job in the health management of immigration personnel", "Doing a good job in gathering conference activities" Key people, the key items nucleic acid should be inspected "" Do a good job in preventive control measures "" Do a good job in the prevention and control of the hospital "" Accelerate the promotion of vaccination "and" do a good job in publicity and launching the masses ". Adhere to the seriousness of normalization of normalized epidemic prevention and control. From strictly doing health management of immigration personnel. Further improve the inbound of Shaanxi people "advance, advance to control, full know, full-program control" control mechanism, and resolutely guard the port door Strictly prevent case input. For the destination for the immigration personnel in Shaanxi Province, the 21-day central isolation +7-day home isolation, nucleic acid detection and "point-to-point" closed loop transfer measures.

Strictly do a good job in the investigation and management of Shaanxi-Range personnel. The isolation period is full of returning to the country, the high-risk area and its set area, and the city will return to Shaanxi people to implement closed-loop transport, implement isolation, nucleic acid testing; other people in the province of key border and high-risk areas come back to Shaanxi People’s implementation of directional diversion, implement 1 measures such as nucleic acid detection and health monitoring; other measures such as other Shaanxi-Hongqian joints, the hotel, reception unit investigation and management, all implement temperature, verify health code and communication Big data trip card, carry out daily health monitoring.

Strictly do a good job in aggregated conference activities. All levels, departments, various industries, and units will no longer organize or organize large-scale meetings and activities.

If you need to be held, you must implement the main responsibility of the organizer, compress the scale, the number of controls (in principle, no more than 100 people), strictly implement the temperature measurement, wearing a mask, verify health code, ventilation and disinfection, etc. Epidemic prevention and control mechanism (headquarters) review.

From strictly doing a good job, the nucleic acid of the key item should be inspected. Continue to implement a key population, key items and its related environment regular nucleic acid testing measures, according to the actual increase of nucleic acid detection object range and frequency. All lines of staff related to entry implement closed-loop management measures, resolutely avoid contact with the outside world.

The garbage produced by flights and domestic high-risk areas is strictly in accordance with the medical waste standards. It is implemented from stricting the prevention and control measures for key places.

In public transport, tourist scenic spots, hotel restaurants, theater theater, Wenbo, entertainment venues, Internet services, shopping mall supermarkets, business markets, bathing places, sports venues, etc., "scan code temperature measurement, verification pass" Measures (available for the "Communication Big Data Travel Card" after the stay can be checked in:

Strictly follow the "limited edition, reservation, wrong peak" requirements, implement the reservation system of tourist scenic spots and Wenbo, regulatory and enter the number of tourists, the number of tourists and the Wenbo Saton reception will not exceed 75% of the maximum load capacity. Further consolidate the supervision responsibility of the subject’s responsibility and the administrative department, strengthen health education, guide teachers and students to do personal protection, especially to guide colleges and universities to start school, reducing accompanying people in new students.

Strictly do a good job of hospitality prevention and control. All levels of medical institutions at all levels must build a red line thinking and bottom line thinking, continuous training, repeated training, and make people feel consciously affected. Medical institutions legal representative or the main person in charge are the first responsible person of hospitality prevention and control, to personally capture prevention and control measures, and must not be loaway.

It is necessary to strictly implement the first medical responsibility system and pre-examination and related prevention and control measures, strictly implement the "four early" provisions. Medical institutions, especially the clinic, community health service station, village bathroom, etc., etc. Accelerate the promotion of vaccination.

In accordance with the deployment of the State Council’s joint-defense mechanism and Shaanxi province, the implementation of the target population should be connected to the first half of the 6-year-old unrocked population and the vaccination work of the 12-17 people, completed 15-17 years old before the end of August. The crowd vaccinated, and the population of 18 years old and the 12-14-year-old population was completed before the end of September. The inoculation rate was more than%. Do a good job in promoting and launch the masses.

Play the leadership role of the grassroots party organization, improve the community (village) epidemic prevention and control work system, implement the comprehensive prevention and control measures of community grid management, and focus on the first line of defers.

The majority of grassroots party organizations and the majority of party members should seriously take responsibility, and go deep into the masses, rely on the masses, group control. Strengthen the investigation and management of folk aggregation activities such as red and white.

All localities have established a telephone to encourage the masses to report on personnel and behaviors that violate the prevention and control of the epidemic, and verify the violations and behaviors.

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