Shandong Qingdao Blue Valley: Mission is the way to start

Shandong Qingdao Blue Valley: Mission is the way to start

Market leadership, business singing today’s project investment is the economic growth of tomorrow.

In the fierce city competition, Qingdao wants to carry out the lead, and must focus on investment as a "one hand project", and invest projects as the "main battlefield" and "lifeline" of economic work. Standing in the "14th Five-Year Plan", the strategic deployment of the "Project landing year" of the Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government. Qingdao Blue Valley New Year is a beautiful one – the total investment of more than 10 billion contracts, Inject full confidence and vitality to the local economic development of the epidemic.

Count this billion project, each of which is full. Whether it is the national material corrosion and protective science data center leading construction in Beijing University of Science and Technology, the national electricity group and other central enterprises leading the marine new energy project, or the total investment of 5 billion yuan of urban update equity investment fund project, "Ocean +, Law + "One-stop fully industrial chain Ocean characteristic service platform is the" hard nucleation "project in the ocean field. The stage of the boxing feet has been tied, and the rest is the highlight of the company.

For the National Material Corrosion and Protection Scientific Data Center, the National Material Corrosion and Protection Scientific Data Center will focus on major demand for major project construction, equipment manufacturing, new materials research and development, and build materials in the field of materials, the scientific data collection and production, wire transfer storage, processing, and finishing. Open sharing and management use of national scientific data centers, planning 3-5 years, creating an internationally influential material service data exchange cooperation sharing platform. Under the leadership and market leadership, there have been a large number of refreshing domestic and even world records, filling domestic gaps, achieving the scientific research results of "from 0 to 1" breakthrough in Blue Valley: "Haiyan" multi-level water slide hangout maximum glossel The depth of the dive observation reaches 10619 meters, then breaks the world record; the world’s first 100,000-ton smart fishery large farmers officially entered the substantive construction stage; the world’s largest self-owned sailing container business boat "Zhifei" started construction; Unmanned autonomous navigation system laboratory ship "Zhitang" sequets; the first unmanned car project trial operation in the province; "black pearl" wave veneer, Huaxing underwater robot, etc. In the year, Qingdao Blue Valley was newly acquired 8 scientific and technical prizes, an increase of 170% year-on-year, reaching the highest level of over the years.

Blue Valley also knows that marine technology has become the magnificent power of marine economic development, and we must promote the ground transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the region. Promote the Qingdao Research Institute of Sichuan University to develop a smart coating production line for white appliance production demand, using independently developed non-solventless coatings to provide an overall solution for enterprise painting, in order to promote the industrialization of the results, Chuan Qingyuan passed the platform company in blue Valley’s establishment company is currently working with FAW Jiefang Qingdao Automotive Co., Ltd., which is expected to reach 200 million yuan in the next three years; promote the joint research center to promote the Tianda Qingdao Institute and 14 companies, relying on its The master school discipline and the brand advantage are related to the Association of Hisense Group, and the joint training project has formed more than 20 technical needs cooperation intentions. According to statistics, 1551 new market entities in Qingdao Blue Valley, an increase of 53%, and the completion of the technical contract registration is more than 100 million, the horizontal contract accounts for 79%, which is about 100 million in Qingdao, accounting for more, and a geometry Multiple growth situation. The policy landing is effective, the project signing land, the engineering start construction, the technical joint research, the results are transformed … Qingdao Blue Valley is a busy scene everywhere, every day, there is a happy "new thing". A vivid case, interpretation of Qingdao Zunren, Business, Business, Anner and Advocating Innovation, Entrepreneurship Invitation confession.

(Text / Sun Lin is mapped / Qingdao Blue Valley Authority) (Editor: Zhengpu Li, Xing Manhua).