Shandong Laiwu Power Supply Company: "Four Qin and Promotion", create a "clearance" construction team

Shandong Laiwu Power Supply Company: "Four Qin and Promotion", create a "clearance" construction team

People’s Network Jinan November 19th, "Recently, I have been in the project settlement, and the supplier is frequent. I must pay attention to the integrity risk existing!" On November 17th, the Party Branch of the Ministry of Construction of the Shandong Laiwu Power Supply Company is responsible for project settlement Comrade for integrity reminders, implementation of the "2344" mode engineering management and integrity risk prevention and control system, and guarantee the project smoothly.

For all aspects of the project, the project subcontracting, on-site implementation, project settlement, materials management, etc. Supervise "requires that the first form is actively used, and improper behavior of improper behavior within the department in time.

At the same time, pay close attention to this professional honest risk problem clue, carefully investigate and report in time. Since this year, the construction of Laiwu Power Supply Company is seriously implemented at all levels of party style and clean government construction and anti-corruption work requirements. The integrity consciousness, consciously safeguarding the good atmosphere of integrity and mutual assistance, and creates a "clean" construction team. One is diligent, building a line of thoughts.

Monthly study discipline inspection and inspection, especially those involving engineering to fake, infringe, and indifferent to the interests of the people, etc. Risk points, and propose prevention and control measures to give good warnings.

Organize all employees to convey the spirit of implementing the company’s party style and clean government construction and anti-corruption work, combined with the reality of construction, and put forward the implementation of "four need two defenses" on party style and clean government construction and anti-corruption work. The second is diligent, prevent key positions. The construction department directly participates in the project construction process and is frequent with the supplier and the induced package unit. Once "stare" is not in place, it is likely to have problems.

The relevant department of the construction professional shall determine the job and responsible content, the technical science, material, and project management positions as honest risk prevention and control focus, the scope is smaller, and it is more targeted, which is convenient for timely discovery of seedlings and tendency.

The third is diligent, prevent close contact.

Highly paying attention to department personnel and supplier, induction contractor’s close contact behavior, multi-channel to understand the close contact of departmental personnel and suppliers, and use the departmental us to conduct a honest risk reminder, and the relevant information related to the personnel involved Conversation separately, understand the real situation, advocate "pro", but also "clear", find that the seedlings will be reminded in time, maintain "safe distance", especially high-risk issues such as borrowing vehicles, lending transactions.

Preparation of the task list of party style and clean government construction work, find 7 risk, and formulate 13 implementation programs. The fourth is to talk about, strengthen discipline style.

Sticking to the festival, organize the "four-wind" typical case, and no violation occurs during the holiday season. Clarify the requirements of public work meal standards, telling busy and entertainment venues such as bus private, stopped at the hotel, and maintains high-pressure trend, reducing risks, ensuring that employees do not have "four winds" issues.

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