Straw "transform" busy farmers to solve "worry"

Straw "transform" busy farmers to solve "worry"

[] "I didn’t dare to burn it, now I can’t pay, this year, the villages of the village will leave the field." At the beginning of November, the autumn harvest ended, in the Yongli Village, Liuhe Town, Mulan County, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, a straw baler In the field homework, Yang Shi, secretary of the Village Party Branch, is excited.

  In order to grab the straw before falling in the snow, Mulan County organized 20 professional service teams, mobilized 300 sets of agricultural machinery, 24 hours uninterrupted homework.

After the corn is harvested, the straw left on the ground is loaded into the chassis, and after the compression molding, the compressed form is collected, and the straw roll rolls out. The villagers said: "Old hen eggs, separated by an egg." In Mulan County Long Energy Resource Recycling Co., Ltd., the vehicle who transported straw is often.

Han Jia Lei, deputy general manager of the company, introduced the new technology of straw anaerobic fermentation, the company creating the comprehensive utilization of biomass, and treated straw reached 280,000 tons. As a large number of crop straws such as corn and rice in China, the corn and rice in Heilongjiang Province. In recent years, in order to prevent stalks from incineration from incineration, the air pollution has been introduced, and the stove ban is issued in Heilongjiang Province. In addition, there is not much living conditions, and the peasants have nothing to consume, and the feed of domestic livestock and poultry is reduced, and the straw lying in the field has become "heart disease" of farmers.

  "Solve straw problems, can’t just rely on ‘blocking", but also better’ ‘.

"Mu Hongfeng, secretary of the Mulan County Party Committee, said, through continuous expansion of straw use channels, build straw comprehensive utilization industrial system, so that straw has become resources from waste, which reduces environmental pollution, and has achieved economic benefits.

  With the popularity of modern agriculture, more and more straows are "refueling" for black land. At the end of October, Wan Sheng Village in the waist titship of Jixian County, Shuangyashan City, the straw crusher driving in the field, and the maize turns into powder, evenly across the field. Subsequently, the five-hustle plow was deep, and the powdered corn is deeply buried, and the land became smooth and loose. The vice secretary of the party branch of Wan Shengcun has introduced that in recent years, the village has realized a piece of film, and the villagers enjoy 40 yuan per mu. The village was established to set up a farm service team and opened the "last kilometer" in autumn. "Autumn broke a layer of skin, better than spring plow.

"Muzu, through the autumn, quickly complete the straw returning to the field, play the role of soil water storage, disaster reduction, to supplement the nutrition of black land," such an acre of the production of corn is about 200 pounds, farmers see the benefits, It is very supportive.

"In recent years, Heilongjiang Province has introduced a series of strong measures to strengthen supply and demand, improve technical support, and promote comprehensive utilization such as straw fertilization, feedization, energy, binder, and raw materials. Meris, Qiqihar City, Nine The emergence of environmental energy agriculture and forestry biocontrollasses in Octobia has been heated in early October. The project is a comprehensive energy system integrated with agricultural and forestry waste such as straw. Residents and industrial and commercial buildings are capable of providing high quality industrial steam for surrounding companies.

  "Small straw turns into great energy." Li Wei, chairman of the project, Harbin Jiuzhou Electric Co., Ltd., said that the water supply cost of the spread boiler room is high and the quality of heating is not ideal.

Today, the remaining heat heating from the biomass power generation, the heat efficiency is more than 80%, which can also alleviate the shortage of coal, and promote clean heating, contributing to "carbon peak" "carbon neutrics" target. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.