Tiantiao – Semi-acquaintance Social Society!

Tiantiao – Semi-acquaintance Social Society!

In recent years, from the traditional media to the Internet to the mobile Internet, the propagation characteristics continue to change.

Especially in microblogging, WeChat, beautiful shooting, fast hands, etc. Share fragments.

The sound is a unique propagation medium that is different from video and images. In terms of expressive sense, the sound can vivid, image, and comprehensively express the creator’s views and positions. In communication, the sound is more intimate, more direct, and there is no threshold and preparation requirements for video communication.

Anyway, after the prosperity of graphic and short video, audio blogs, entrepreneurs and platforms will usher in their own beautiful times. The short frequency has accompanying attributes, emotional properties, imaging attributes, but short audio communication value has not been fully developed and effectively utilized, and the development prospects in short audio industries are broad.

Unlike other Internet companies, Tian chat is an extremely special track. Sound is more less likely to be limited in time and scene.

There is no need for any threshold, so it is more likely to penetrate all aspects of our daily lives, and it also covers the population of all ages, and pays care to family families. Children and the elderly have different demand for audiovisual.

In order to meet the needs of different age layers, more and more online audio platforms continue to extend the content matrix to achieve more user resources. High quality sound output, create a good user experience, create high quality audio content.

The emergence of short audio in 30 seconds is the development trend of the fragmentation era. The creation will be refracted and then concentrated, and the output is 1 minute audio content. This kind of content is for the user, not only the hands have been liberated, and the eyes are liberated, and they do not need to take long-term user time. Such business models believe that there will be a large development space in the future.

Tian Chao has created a semi-acquaintance to socialize. In addition, based on the understanding of voice social interaction, the Tian chat team has created the first river of semi-acquaintances, helping users to express, record emotions, from semi-acquaintances In the sound exchange of strangers, it has been understood and identifiable, and the humanistic power of the sound is played. In short video live, there are not many opportunities to leave most of the entertainment, but the fire in the audio market is not much, but the hot tail is also shown that this quality and long-tail effect will become a new content supply pool, Moreover, audio is more able to break the shackles of the scene, and the companionship of the sound can be anytime, anytime, no time.

In the future, with the increase in audio experience and interaction, audio applications will be more and more extensive, and application scenarios will also be increasingly abundant.

With the popularity of the IoT intelligent terminal, it is adapted to smart home, wearable, vehicle network terminals, etc., the audio content such as speech interaction, etc. The audio market has been screened by Maverion, and the crowded track is getting wider and wide.

Really want to change the innovation of the new industry, not only have enough resources and leading models, but also open, inclusive thinking. Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.