The belief in the 丨 丨 油 灯 坚 坚 坚 坚 坚 守 守

The belief in the 丨 丨 油 灯 坚 坚 坚 坚 坚 守 守

In the showcase of the Eu Yu Revolutionary Memorial Hall, there is such a kerosene lamp, which is used by the Red 25th Army. The first owner of this lamp is called Huanghua, which is the family of Wenshu Township, Guangshan County, joining the Red 25th Army in December 1932.

On November 10, 1934, the Red 25th Army came to Huashanzhai. He returned to the family of Kaiwan, and he wanted to visit his parents. Which homes have already been burned by the enemy, and the parents have hated it, only 12 years old. The younger brother, the book, followed the three uncle, lived in the Temple Hall. Three uncles told him that this lamp was found in his home.

The tears of the emperor went out, he held a kerosene lamp in his hand, and the heart secretly swear: our poor people must turn over to be the master! Several brothers in the village said that the brother told the Red Army to be a team who was playing the world for the poor, and she had to participate in the Red Army in anyway.

When I was quiet every night, I had to take out the kerosene lamps from home, touched and touched it again. I didn’t know where he got a light oil. The light suddenly became down and down. Under the light, it seems that there is an old mother to support the splint nano sole, seam nuts. On November 16, 1934, the Red 25th Army was long and the day and night.

The eight brothers followed the red twenty-five army combat, and in the battle of Shanshu Town, he sacrificed, only 19 years old; the battle of the Family River went to 4 her brother’s life, and the grief of the heart continued. fighting. In July 1935, in the battle of Yuanjiagu, the cooking team leader was unfortunately sacrificed.

Just 8 months, the brothers have sacrificed 6, and the younger brother Xiao Shuhua is grieved.

At night, he found the kerosene lamp from his brother’s march bag. Although the light was weak, it illuminates the hope that this smooth light gives him spiritual trust and support, but also more firmly he continues to fight with the enemy. determination.

The story of Yuguang brothers came to the army, and the kerosene lamp witnessed the revolutionary history of the Just 30 years. After the liberation, the book Hua Hua took it back to the Temple of Temple, in June 2015, Temple Hall This kerosene lamp donated to the Eu Yu Revolution Memorial Hall, always telling people to the children. "The iron heart is walking with the party. This kerosene lamp not only illuminates the revolutionary road of 氏, also always motivates us to learn from the belief in the firm Dabie Mountain spirit, continue to do not forget the junior highlights of the new era! (Editor: Peng Yuyi, Zhao Gang) Sharing let more people see.