Remove the "level" on behalf of the city

Remove the "level" on behalf of the city

Original title: Remove the "level" on behalf of the people’s road "Forgetting the mask without panic, the subway station can also buy".

Tips in the subway station really make people feel warm and intimate, but the reporter forgets to wear a mask when they take the subway on a certain day, but the purchase experience is not beautiful. The purchase mask must go to the specified manual window, and can only be purchased by cash or downloading an APP recharge. The whole process takes more than ten minutes, and it is important to give passengers.

The subway provides masks to purchase services, the original intention is to facilitate the masses, but in practice, it has chosen inconvenient ways – neither supports mobile payment applications that have long been popular, and there is no sales method using buffets. It is equivalent to setting a "level" on foothold. There is no more convenient, some places provide convenient needlework, nail clamp, glasses cloth, etc., and often there is a problem that the needle wiring is missing, the nail tipperivization, the glasses ", the more flue the more flowers", etc. The problem is poor. These "very beautiful" convenience measures, the masses do not buy, sometimes even produce the reverse effect.

There are two or unintentional "levels" on the people’s road, and there is no other than two: First, in order to cope with the "above" requirements, it is not for voluntary; the other is not to follow up and maintain it in time.

Both are fundamentally speaking, there is still no truly starting from the masses, no need to stand in the perspective of the people, there is no need to use the heart, use your love, force to make practical things, do things. The people will be inconvenient, the masses have the most statement.

Everything payable, the convenience hanging on the wall, becoming a changing, is not a real convenience. Remove the "level" on the people’s road, it is necessary to start from the actual situation. If you are satisfied with the masses, you are unsatisfactory as the starting point and the foothold, and it’s timely investigation, timely investigation, and make adjustments and improvements in time according to the maid feedback. Let every good thing, practical things have received expected results, and constantly improve the sense of acquisition and satisfaction of the masses. (Editor: Filial Piety, Tanglong) Sharing let more people see client downloads.