Taiyuan release heavy pollution weather orange warning

Taiyuan release heavy pollution weather orange warning

  Original title: The city has issued heavy pollution weather in the middle of the middle and heavy trucks, and the weather conditions in the city and the surrounding area continue to be unfavorable. Forecasting will have a large-scale pollution process, according to the provincial atmospheric office "on doing good weather in December The emergency notice of the condition should be based on the evening of December 3, and the city’s heavy pollution weather emergency headquarters approved, the city issued a heavy pollution weather orange warning, while launching the Orange (Level 2) response of the contingency prevention of heavy pollution weather. The warning time is from 0:00 to 24 December, December 6th.

  Health protection guidance measures include: children, elderly and respiratory, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other chronic diseases should stay in the room to avoid outdoor activities; general populations reduce outdoor activities. Primary and secondary schools, kindergartens stop outdoor courses and activities. Initiative emissions include: the public tried to travel by public transportation, reducing motor vehicles driving. Increase the dust control effort of construction sites, bare terrestrial, material stacking and other places.

Reduce raw materials and products for volatile organic matter containing paints, paints, solvents. Enterprises and institutions have implemented the wrong peaks under the air pollution.

The bus line increases operational shift, shorten interval, implement flexible dispatch, urban trunk line delay is 60 minutes. Under the premise of ensuring urban normal operation, mandatory emergency reductions include: industrial enterprises, in accordance with the "Industrial Source Reduction List" to perform orange early warning and emission reduction measures, county (district, city) government and supervision inspection team to strengthen inspection, to ensure minus Row measures to perform in place. Construction site, industrial enterprises and industrial parks stop using national second and lower non-road mobile machinery (except clean energy and emergency repair machinery); mines (including coal mines), coal production plants, logistics (except for people’s livelihood guarantee), etc. The units of material transportation (daily vehicles have more than 10 times) stop using heavy-duty trucks (including gas) to transport (except special vehicles, hazardous chemical vehicles, etc.); steel, coking, colored, electric power, chemical Key industries such as coal and glass involve large materials transportation, according to the "industrial reduction list", orange warning vehicle transportation emission reduction requirements; implement traffic control over the high-speed circle, in addition to fresh agricultural products such as melon fruit and vegetables and Division, sanitation, garden, road maintenance, etc.

  In addition to emergency rescue, all construction sites of earthwork work, mortar on site, stone cutting, slag transport, sprayed brush, pouring, etc. The provincial, city key projects and subway construction sites can be normal construction after approval by the municipal government. (Ren Xiaoming).