The fashion town from the sand wasteland (promoting the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Association)

The fashion town from the sand wasteland (promoting the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Association)

  Saving from Cao’s house export from Jingtai Expressway, the right side is a wave-shaped building … Here, it is the Beijing Diesis Non-Capital Function Key Construction Project – Yunshang Town, Yongqing County, Hebei Province.

  Recently, Li Yuanjie, who is 29-year-old clothing sales, often goes between small towns and Beijing, "Our independent design of clothing brands have opened several online sales stores in Beijing, good performance." 4 years ago, Li Yuanjie’s clothing The company has moved into Yunshang Town from the Beijing Red Gate Clothing Wholesale Market. "The company bought more than 2,800 square meters of new stores here, and the area was 3 times longer than original, and we would like to build an upgraded version of the company.

"In Li Yuanjie, although the sales channel is wide, the business cost is high, the development space is small, and the demand for enterprises can not meet the transformation of enterprises. The root" new music ", the development space is broader." Relying on the innovation resources of the two major cities in Beijing And the consumer market, the company is based on independent research and development, and the annual sales increase from the original 200 million yuan to 1 billion yuan.

Li Yuanjie said that after 4 years of development, the company has developed from the original traditional face accessories wholesale sales to integrated garment enterprises integrating R & D design, fabric processing, clothing production, and created brand, and products sell well in the first-tier city and international markets. Seize the needs of the company, aggregate the entire industrial chain.

Yunshang Town Planning Construction Apparel Business, Clothing Expo, Apparel Exhibition, Delivery Double Creative Brand Base and Comfort Lifetion Six Plates, Forms Fashion Design, R & D, Production, Training, Brand, Cross-border Marketing and Entrepreneurship Innovative in an integrated industrial chain cluster, built sufficient space for the transfer merchants, cultivated to develop fertile soil. "The town has officially operated in 2017, and it is currently in Beijing apparel merchants. To continue to improve the status and influence of the town in Beijing and Tianjin and even the national costume industry, it is important to introduce high-level independent designers and teams. Song Yuangou, Vice President of Yunshang Town.

  Based on design R & D and high-level customization, Yunshang Town focuses on "Yunshang Fashion Creative Valley", relying on Beijing-Tianjin’s strong fashion designer resources, founding "Fashion Designers Creative Tribe and Clothing Customized Entrepreneurship". Small town often invites teachers and students of the Central University for Nationalities, Beijing Fashion Academies to come to teaching practice, and regularly hold design exhibitions and fashion show. At present, the town has attracted more than 100 independent designers and advanced custom studio. It’s hard to imagine that today’s car horson, the flow of people is woven, everywhere in the small town of fashion, once is a sand, and the fashion is not biased.

  Yongqing is a traditional agricultural county, located in the intersection of Beijing, Tianjin and Xiongan New District, with Beijing Daxing International Airport and Jingxiong Intercity Railway, and the capital ring is less than 10 kilometers away. With the in-depth promotion of the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yongqing relies on the advantage of the location, and the new highland of the innovation and development of the northern part of China. At 7 o’clock in the morning, Liu Qingcong, who opened the local youth entrepreneur in Yongqing County, started a busy day … In 2018, the small town of the door is getting more and more popular, Liu Qingcong is moving: Temporary transition area in the small town A store is rented, "Temporary district does not charge rent for 3 years, free use. Small town stable passenger traffic, let me sell more than 1 million yuan in the first year." At present, Nearly 10,000 people in Yunshang small town Among them, more than 2,500 people have more than 5 billion yuan, and the tax payment billion is accumulated.

The second phase of the project is also under construction … In November 2018, Yunshang Town was listed as "National Textile Creative Creative Design Pilot Park".

Beijing · Yizhuang Yongqing Gaoxin District, Zhejiang New Town, Xinhai Shoes City … with Yunshang Town, Yongqing County focuses on multiple apparel industries to undertake platforms, and the costume and innovation design industry has gradually become the development of regional economic transformation. new motivation.

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