The novel "Peaceful Batch" tells you what is "overseas Chinese batch culture"

The novel "Peaceful Batch" tells you what is "overseas Chinese batch culture"

Critics He Shaojun tanded: "Immigration, 海 is not Chinese unique, but Westerners are more inclined to do free, drifting individuals in the sea, but the Chinese are different, the southeast coast is large before and after modern The phenomenon of the sea, they are for a home and have a big difference with the West.

Their family’s awareness and family concept are like a rope to take two heads. It is an individual who is wandering. One is a family. This is the main reason for Chen Ji Ming’s article with ‘peace batch’.

"Another keyword related to Ping An Bao is" Lower-Nano Yang ", critics Wang Chunlin talks:" The next Nanyang is a group of Chaoshan people to leave China to Southeast Asia to go to life, and Chen Ji Ming also has a migrated life experience, he is from Datai North ran to the southeast coast.

Perhaps it is because he has a true migration experience, so when he wrote Zheng Mengmei when he wrote Zheng Mengmei when he wrote Zheng Mengmei, there was a psychological assignment. "Liu Da Xian introduced:" Zheng Mengmei has become a leader in the overseas batch industry from a very common hometown, his father is a sage, but when he is a specific historical crisis, he wants to fire church, then become Red Army; Zheng Mengmei’s son, I left a wound memory in Japan, maybe my spirit has been issued, but with the Japanese aggression of Southeast Asia, the sea line is broken, he follows the father to carry gold landing, in this process He got his own growth and finally killed the Japanese.

We have found that these characters are together with the times in the times and come together and grow together.

It seems that it seems to be a cultural novel, and it is a memory of a foreign batch. In fact, it is also a narrative of modern history. "Reviewer Jinchen pays attention to the part of the writing of" Ping An Batch ", and he talks:" The tidal culture in "Safe Batch" is all-round. Various customs creates tidal culture, more importantly there are people and emotions of people in tidal culture.

There are also those female characters in the country, and the prototype of Chaoshan women is different from the demon girls in the past Chinese literature. Chaoshan women are very pragmatic, very capable, dedication, and also extremely realistic. In addition, Chaoshan culture also has a family titard.

"Yang Qingxiang evaluates the road," Peace Batch "" Beyond the predecessibility and defining of the subject writing ".

"Futang, safe and appreciate such a historical subject matter, it itself contains enough historical information and cultural information, this subject can regulate the conceptualization of the so-called theme writing or in-depth life writing, this is also supported" Safe Batch "very Important cornerstone.

To complete the two or 130,000 words, there must be sufficient knowledge structure as the cornerstone.