Take the spiritual power to do practical doctors (struggle for hundreds of years, the new journey, the study of the party history "

Take the spiritual power to do practical doctors (struggle for hundreds of years, the new journey, the study of the party history "

Since the study of party history, since the development of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has learned the importance of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Party History Learning Education Mobilization Conference, closely combined with the actual construction of housing and urban and rural construction, carefully deployed, systemically promoted, innovative method, Huihui Military people, push the party history and learning education and walk deeply. Strengthening the organization leaders and overturned the party’s central government to hold the party history and mobilization meeting, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development quickly acts quickly. The first time I conveyed General Secretary of Xi Jinping at the important speech at the party history and mobilization meeting, and overtracting the party History learning education is in depth. "To carry out parties to study education as a major political task, party organizations and direct organs at all levels must earnestly improve political stations, resolutely pick up the subject’s responsibility, highly attach great importance to it.

Adhere to the history of history, school history, study history

"Secretary of the Party Group, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, said. March 9, March 9, the party group of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued an implementation plan, closely combined with the actual situation, the actual situation of party members and cadres, and put forward a series of special learning, organized a series of themes Activities, a series of "seven" specific initiatives such as "I do practical practices" for the masses ", each initiative has highlighted targeted and operability.

On March 10, the Ministry of History and the Mobilization Conference held a comprehensive deployment to enhance the systematic targeting of learning education.

The Party History Learning Education Leading Group has effectively putting a comprehensive leadership, issuing relevant notices, making concrete arrangements for progress arrangements, learning content, learning security, etc. The next step is a key task; the department leading group office held a monthly meeting, and the progress of the report was scheduled, and the implementation of the important work arrangements next month was notified to ensure falling. Innovation methodology learns into the brain into the housing and urban and rural construction department, the Ministry of Construction is closely surrounded by the innovation theory of the real party, adheres to the history of party history and learning new China history, reform and opening up history, socialist development history, adopting Self-study, special research, expert guidance, leadership profession and other effective learning methods, constantly inspiring party members and cadres.

Special training strong foundation. In mid-April and late, the three sections of the party members of the party members of the party members and the party members of the party members and the party members of the Party, and more than 500 people were trained.

The training class is tight "deeply remembering the ever course, deeply understanding the great contribution, deeply feeling the initiative, systematically mastering the big theoretical results, learning the great spirit, profoundly understanding the valuable experience" and other 6 aspects, carefully set the course, select the learning materials Invite well-known experts, scholars as a special counseling, guide party members and cadres to accurately master the key content, and lay a solid foundation for deepening parties.

Innovation form shows character. On the afternoon of May 6, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development directly under the "Strong Strong Belief," Tropics, with the Party "Theme Group was held in Xiangshan Revolution, and nearly 50 members of the young cadres representative collective visit" – The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Xiangshan Theme Exhibition.

Everyone said that we must remember the ancestors, remember history, firmly believe in the ideals, and effectively enhance the ideological consciousness, political consciousness and action consciousness of "two maintenance". The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development also launched the theme publicity activities of "learning party history, enlightenment, remembering housing and urban and rural construction, opening columns in newspapers and new media platforms, continuous publicity" practice activities in the system of party history education, Experience highlights, promote the advanced typical deeds that have emerged in each historical period and urban and rural construction systems.

Carrying out practical activities based on the most prominent problems in their work, starting from the most realistic interests of ordinary people, the party organizations of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the party organizations at all levels of the study party will sum up the experience, the viewing reality, promote The work combines, combined with the actual people’s visit to the public opinion, accurate docking development, the grassroots, the people’s heart, the study, "I have a practical thing for the masses" to practice the practice activities, take the initiative to seek housing and urban construction Methodical strategy of key tasks, drawing the spirit of hardships.

Fully completed the goal of this year, the goal of renovating the old community of the urban old community, focusing on the old community facilities and service short board, solving the people in the water and electrical thermal facilities, the damage is serious, the building is serious, the environment is dirty, the community The problem of "urgent expensive" is "urgent" problem, so that more than 9 million residents have benefited from the old community transformation.

Carry out the city’s environmental remediation and optimize the city human environment.

Focus on urban environmental sanitation, eliminate urban health corners, improve urban public health level; repair the tilt of the lamp bar, lack of street lamps, light bulb, improve the brightness of urban lighting facilities, light the city street lane, and protect the people at night Travel security. Based on the in-depth investigation to understand the actual demand for housing provident fund business, it is proposed that the "housing provident fund unit and personal payment information change" and "Advantages to Housing Provident Fund Loan" will be held before the end of 2021. Business full network, realize the "purchase of housing provident fund" "All Representation of all Housing Provident fund personal housing loans" cross-provisional, meet the needs of depositing units and employees. The party group of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will also announce the list of "I have implemented practical activities for the masses", implement account management, regular supervision and inspection, accept the supervision of the masses, change "I want to do" as "I want to do", effectively solve The people’s worries, troubles, worry, and constantly transform the results of party history education into work and effectiveness.

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This year, the high blood pressure child suddenly

This year, the high blood pressure child suddenly

During the epidemic prevention and control, many children are homes at home, and they eat more movements. The problem is coming.

According to the clinical data of the Capital Institute, the overall number of cardiovascular patients in the hospital has increased by about 20% more than the epidemic. In June last year, there were 14,951 cases of outpatients and follow-up patients, and the ward was 109 children. Case 1 I found that the child’s blood vessel cracked from June last year, Shilin, director of the cardiovascular internal medicine of the School Research Institute, has a particularly obvious feeling: Hypertension has increased.

Previously, most of the medical admission of the Child Research was an emergency of the advancement, heart failure, etc. from all over the country, but since the second half of last year, the internal medicine number was tightened, "" There are more parents who come to the outpatient plus. " . The department temporarily expanded the amount of outpatient, and the doctor overtime.

These children often have a few common: body shape is full of big belly; always feel the headache; the appetite is strong, the red meat, fried chicken legs is the biggest hobby; lazy, I don’t want to move.

For a long time, most is because of the time of studying at home during the epidemic, and there is much more exercise, plus the work is irregular, and the weight has grown too fast. Seeing such a child, Shilin basically has a judgment, which is likely to be a hypertension. There is a child to make Shilin impressed. Because of the total complaints, the child has been inspected by the parents, and blood pressure is measured, the shrink pressure has been as high as 200 mm Hg! The situation is urgent, and the blood vessels have rupture risk, Shilin hurry to contact the bed to let children be hospitalized. At this time, the parents still don’t care, "This child, I don’t want to learn, so I want to be touched, the ghost is more." For this, Shilin is very helpless.

Shilin reminds, dizziness, headache, long fat, emotionally irritated children, must come to the hospital to test the blood pressure, especially the family with high blood pressure family, need more attention. The case 2 of the house is 3 months of fat six or seventy pounds of 12-year-old Dalin is a hypertension. He is 100 kilograms of height of height.

On August 18 last year, because of the headache, Ms. Han took him to the University of Technology. The results show: primary hypertension level 2, accompanied by kidney damage, fatty liver, hyperuricemia, high insulinemia. How did the child have high blood pressure? It turned out that Ms. Han went to work in a supermarket, two classes of each day, her husband also contracted a total traffic.

During the epidemic, the classroom moved home, and the child basically became a state of no people. Before working every day, Ms. Han will do breakfast and lunch. In order to encourage children to learn, she left some snacks at home. Gradually, she feels that the child’s living habits have changed: before the child loves to eat vegetarian food, now I can eat three or four chicken legs now; I am sleepy in bed, I am sleeping in bed; I don’t have taste, when I dinner I like to pour the soup into the rice, I also like to eat tomato sauce, chili sauce and other condiments, secretly buy snacks and sweet drinks … see the child fat, Han Ms. Han is anxious.

Later, the school’s routine examination found problems, and the child’s blood pressure is high.

I don’t know, the child has been 670 pounds for 3 months. "It’s really watching him gain fat, I really regret that I didn’t have a good management." Hold the checklist, Ms. Han regret. Customized exclusive sports diet hospital is in close half a month, Dalin’s blood pressure is finally stabilized, but the greater challenge is still behind.

Seeing Shilin, Dalin Mom is uneasy, "Is this antihypertensive, is it not stopped in this life?" In this, Shilin gave a negative reply, the child is different from adults, some diseases adjust life in time The way is actually reversible.

"The child suffers from slow disease, the treatment is just a beginning, and the tracking management of daily lifestyle is more important.

"Looking at so many high blood pressure of the home, the medical experts are also very urgent. How can I help parents have more professional adjustment of lifestyle? The department decided to manage the child," into group management ", doctors Incaround fitness coach and nutritionist, to develop exclusive sports prescriptions and diet, urged children to implement them. Before entering the group, cardinal team and clinical nutrition team to Dalin’s gender, age, weight, body mass index, blood pressure Elevated levels and multiple test results such as sports cardiopulmonary tests were evaluated, Dalin got its own "low salt low-fat diet plus aerobic exercise" prescription.

In the prescription, how many staple foods, lean meat, drink how much low fat milk every day, how many fruits and vegetables, oils, salts are needed, and the total cost of eating, eating sequence, and cooking methods are also marked.

"For obese children, it should strictly limit the total intake of total heat, while limiting the high cholesterol food such as egg yolk, animal internal organs, shellfish," said Liu Yang, deputy chief physician of the Cardiology of the University, "Marinated products such as the sausage Fried foods such as fried chicken legs, pizzas, etc. are high salt foods, and it is recommended to eat less. "The exercise prescription has set a week of at least 3 times a week, at least 20 minutes to 30 minutes, medium intensity exercise, among which Not only walking, running, cycling, dancing, swimming, etc., there are aerobics such as swimming, but also attractive up, sit-up, lifting legs, stretching legs.

Liu Yang explained that for children who have stable blood pressure, there is a steady blood pressure, but the exercise needs to achieve a certain strength. "If the heart rate reaches 140 times to 150 times per minute, it is considered a standard "Doctor also gives food and medication adjustment recommendations according to the weekly measured data, 24 hours to reply to parents’ questions.

It is recommended to encourage more accompanying Qilin and Liu Yang often receive a private letter sent by his parents. "In the face of this situation, Shilin’s way is to encourage, establish a goal; use the method, cultivate habits; Children are often not very good.

The body is fat, I don’t worry, I want to sit down and hold the mobile phone, and I don’t want to communicate.

"Doing health management at home, parents must encourage children.

"Shilin combined with outpatient experience to give parents, such as half a month, let the children send a few photos to the doctor." You see, recently thinned some, small chin come out. "When you encounter difficulties, don’t pay attention to your child at will, you can make a plan to develop a good habit.

Shilin team guides parents to turn the dietary persons into forms, record weights per day, blood pressure, etc., complete the goals, and put a small red flower. There is also the most important thing to accompany. "A lot of parents, putting this thing in the child, which is certainly not. The most ideal state is to do with the child." Shilin is very touching this. In the group, the most obvious buck is also these families.

The child ran in front, parents chased back; choose interesting sports, such as playing basketball, playing badminton, etc. Down. "These days, we have statistically for the data in the past year. After the management of food and drinking exercises and regular use, 30% of the hypertension have been stopped or reduced.

Shi Lin said.

"Slow disease management is a long-term process, although it is difficult, but it is done, it will let the children benefit for a lifetime." Shilin said that parents have to be confident, if only light and medium blood pressure rises, not combined with heart , Kidney, fundus, etc., in time, timely intervention, it can achieve the effect of clinical cure. Doing health guidance in groups, doctors often have to pay more energy than outpatients, but they are unpaid, but Shilin feel that the team is doing a very good thing.

"Children who have a successful life is her happiest thing. Through health management, children do not value health, restore confidence, and their parents have become more harmonious.

(Reporter Yang Xunjun correspondent pool Yang).

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Shenzhen-Hong Kong high quality operation five years has nearly 42 trillion yuan

Shenzhen-Hong Kong high quality operation five years has nearly 42 trillion yuan

  On December 5, 2021, the five anniversary of Shenzhen Hong Kong.

In the past five years, Shenzhen Hong Kong has a smooth operation, the mechanism arrangement is continuously optimized, the transaction scale and market impact continue to improve, and further empower Shenzhen-Hong Kong capital market reform and development, which has strong promotes the interconnection of Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macai District, China, and helps improve my country. Capital market is openly open. In the past five years, the market agencies and investors in the two places have actively participated in the Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Hong Kong-Hong Kong-through, and the size of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Hong Kong-Hong Kong Tongbao transaction has grown rapidly. Data show that as of December 5, Shenzhen-Hong Kong-through-accumulated transaction amount trillion yuan, an average annual growth rate, became an important window for my country’s capital market.

The deposit of the accumulated transaction amount is trillion yuan, with an average annual growth rate, which presents accelerated growth; Hong Kong stocks (hereinafter referred to as Hong Kong stocks), the total amount of trillion yuan, an average annual growth, and maintain continuous trend . With the increase in the amount of transaction, the influence of deep and Hong Kong’s capital market is increasingly improved. At present, the share of the share of the A-share transaction amount in the deep market is%, and the ratio of Hong Kong stocks in Hong Kong stock market has reached%. It has become an important channel to attract incremental funds, which is to enhance transaction activity and market liquidity. Make a positive contribution. In the past five years, the relevant mechanism has been continuously optimized, and the interconnection and mutual hooves are steady.

Since May 2018, the deposit of 3 billion yuan is raised from 13 billion yuan to $ 52 billion, and the Hong Kong stocks increased from 10.5 billion yuan to 42 billion yuan, enhancing the convenience of overseas, long-term institutional investors participating in the A-share market. Degree, providing an international index including MSCI, Fuji Russeu, etc., demonstrating my country’s determination and confidence in China’s expansion of capital markets. At the same time, the scope of the standard is constantly rich. In the past five years, the deep departments have actively promoted the scope of the deep-Hong Kong general standard, which will be included in the Harbor stocks corresponding to the Harbor stocks, the Biotechnology Company, and the Bochuchi A + H shares. The shares will meet the market demand of investors. The data shows that the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Tong Double-port stock market value is increasing. International investors have bought billions of dollars through the Shenzhen shareholder, with average share market value, accounting for% of the Shenzhen A-share circulation market value, and became an important investment force in the A-share market.

Mainland investors passed Hong Kong stocks through Hong Kong stocks, and the stock market value is from Hong Kong dollars to consolidate and enhance the status of the international financial center to inject more source live water. It is worth noting that the proportion of investment in the GEM is increasing.

The deposit investor participates in the enthusiasm of the GEM, especially the GEM reform and the implementation of the pilot registration system, the proportion of the GEM in the depository, net buying, and shareholding market, increased to%,% And%, showing international investors’ widespread recognition of reform results. It is understood that international investors have more recognized in terms of innovation in the city. DEVEAN Tongliang played the role of bridges, driving cross-border funds to accelerate agglomeration to hard technology, new economic sectors, especially in emerging industries such as new materials, new energy, biomedicine, and new generation technology. In the past five years, the Shenzhen Foreies have continuously optimize the investment environment and effectively maintain the trade order. Deep, the needs of investors is oriented, and the development of online voting systems is developed, and international investors participate in listed corporate governance channels. Continuously enrich international investor service means, provide interactive English services, build a listed company English yellow pages, launching a listed company of Shenzhen shares to disclose the Chinese and English to review, carry out international road performances, organizing a series of activities such as global investor service, promoting overseas investment Interact with the Shenzhen City Company to ensure legitimate rights and interests of international investors.

At the same time, the deep intensive abnormal transaction monitoring, discovery abnormal situation, timely, according to law, deal with the law, effectively safeguard the order of Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Hong Kong-Hong Kong-through transaction, and prevent market risk cross-border conveying.

The market main body in the two places is in the opportunity to explore the coverage of expanding brokerage, research and consulting business, and pragmatically carry out the innovation and index innovation of Shenzhen-Hong Kong-to-the theme, and the level of supervision collaboration has continued to increase. In terms of deep exchange, it will adhere to the guidance of China’s characteristic socialist thinking in Xi Jinping, in accordance with the unified deployment of the SFC, the new development stage of the conscious station, complete and accurate and fully implement the new development concept, and actively build the new development pattern, further improve the interconnection Interoperability, promotion optimization of my country’s capital market high-level two-way open institutional mechanism, and fully build quality innovation capital centers and world-class exchanges, making positive contributions to the construction of Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau Dawan District.

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Resolutely prevent the epidemic from rebound! Shaanxi is fully tightening social management measures

Resolutely prevent the epidemic from rebound! Shaanxi is fully tightening social management measures

People’s Network Xi’an July 30 (Deng Nan) Today, the 36th press conference of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work, the deputy director of the Provincial Division, the deputy director of the Provincial Division, recently, the recent epidemic prevention and control situation and related Work arrangements have been introduced. "It has been fully tightening social management measures, resolutely prevents the epidemic from rebound.

According to Ma Guanghui, in order to cope with the recent foreign countries, the provincial population is input, and Shaanxi has been "Doing a good job in the health management of immigration personnel", "Doing a good job in gathering conference activities" Key people, the key items nucleic acid should be inspected "" Do a good job in preventive control measures "" Do a good job in the prevention and control of the hospital "" Accelerate the promotion of vaccination "and" do a good job in publicity and launching the masses ". Adhere to the seriousness of normalization of normalized epidemic prevention and control. From strictly doing health management of immigration personnel. Further improve the inbound of Shaanxi people "advance, advance to control, full know, full-program control" control mechanism, and resolutely guard the port door Strictly prevent case input. For the destination for the immigration personnel in Shaanxi Province, the 21-day central isolation +7-day home isolation, nucleic acid detection and "point-to-point" closed loop transfer measures.

Strictly do a good job in the investigation and management of Shaanxi-Range personnel. The isolation period is full of returning to the country, the high-risk area and its set area, and the city will return to Shaanxi people to implement closed-loop transport, implement isolation, nucleic acid testing; other people in the province of key border and high-risk areas come back to Shaanxi People’s implementation of directional diversion, implement 1 measures such as nucleic acid detection and health monitoring; other measures such as other Shaanxi-Hongqian joints, the hotel, reception unit investigation and management, all implement temperature, verify health code and communication Big data trip card, carry out daily health monitoring.

Strictly do a good job in aggregated conference activities. All levels, departments, various industries, and units will no longer organize or organize large-scale meetings and activities.

If you need to be held, you must implement the main responsibility of the organizer, compress the scale, the number of controls (in principle, no more than 100 people), strictly implement the temperature measurement, wearing a mask, verify health code, ventilation and disinfection, etc. Epidemic prevention and control mechanism (headquarters) review.

From strictly doing a good job, the nucleic acid of the key item should be inspected. Continue to implement a key population, key items and its related environment regular nucleic acid testing measures, according to the actual increase of nucleic acid detection object range and frequency. All lines of staff related to entry implement closed-loop management measures, resolutely avoid contact with the outside world.

The garbage produced by flights and domestic high-risk areas is strictly in accordance with the medical waste standards. It is implemented from stricting the prevention and control measures for key places.

In public transport, tourist scenic spots, hotel restaurants, theater theater, Wenbo, entertainment venues, Internet services, shopping mall supermarkets, business markets, bathing places, sports venues, etc., "scan code temperature measurement, verification pass" Measures (available for the "Communication Big Data Travel Card" after the stay can be checked in:

Strictly follow the "limited edition, reservation, wrong peak" requirements, implement the reservation system of tourist scenic spots and Wenbo, regulatory and enter the number of tourists, the number of tourists and the Wenbo Saton reception will not exceed 75% of the maximum load capacity. Further consolidate the supervision responsibility of the subject’s responsibility and the administrative department, strengthen health education, guide teachers and students to do personal protection, especially to guide colleges and universities to start school, reducing accompanying people in new students.

Strictly do a good job of hospitality prevention and control. All levels of medical institutions at all levels must build a red line thinking and bottom line thinking, continuous training, repeated training, and make people feel consciously affected. Medical institutions legal representative or the main person in charge are the first responsible person of hospitality prevention and control, to personally capture prevention and control measures, and must not be loaway.

It is necessary to strictly implement the first medical responsibility system and pre-examination and related prevention and control measures, strictly implement the "four early" provisions. Medical institutions, especially the clinic, community health service station, village bathroom, etc., etc. Accelerate the promotion of vaccination.

In accordance with the deployment of the State Council’s joint-defense mechanism and Shaanxi province, the implementation of the target population should be connected to the first half of the 6-year-old unrocked population and the vaccination work of the 12-17 people, completed 15-17 years old before the end of August. The crowd vaccinated, and the population of 18 years old and the 12-14-year-old population was completed before the end of September. The inoculation rate was more than%. Do a good job in promoting and launch the masses.

Play the leadership role of the grassroots party organization, improve the community (village) epidemic prevention and control work system, implement the comprehensive prevention and control measures of community grid management, and focus on the first line of defers.

The majority of grassroots party organizations and the majority of party members should seriously take responsibility, and go deep into the masses, rely on the masses, group control. Strengthen the investigation and management of folk aggregation activities such as red and white.

All localities have established a telephone to encourage the masses to report on personnel and behaviors that violate the prevention and control of the epidemic, and verify the violations and behaviors.

(Editor: Deng Nan, Wu Chao) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

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Shandong Qingdao Blue Valley: Mission is the way to start

Shandong Qingdao Blue Valley: Mission is the way to start

Market leadership, business singing today’s project investment is the economic growth of tomorrow.

In the fierce city competition, Qingdao wants to carry out the lead, and must focus on investment as a "one hand project", and invest projects as the "main battlefield" and "lifeline" of economic work. Standing in the "14th Five-Year Plan", the strategic deployment of the "Project landing year" of the Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government. Qingdao Blue Valley New Year is a beautiful one – the total investment of more than 10 billion contracts, Inject full confidence and vitality to the local economic development of the epidemic.

Count this billion project, each of which is full. Whether it is the national material corrosion and protective science data center leading construction in Beijing University of Science and Technology, the national electricity group and other central enterprises leading the marine new energy project, or the total investment of 5 billion yuan of urban update equity investment fund project, "Ocean +, Law + "One-stop fully industrial chain Ocean characteristic service platform is the" hard nucleation "project in the ocean field. The stage of the boxing feet has been tied, and the rest is the highlight of the company.

For the National Material Corrosion and Protection Scientific Data Center, the National Material Corrosion and Protection Scientific Data Center will focus on major demand for major project construction, equipment manufacturing, new materials research and development, and build materials in the field of materials, the scientific data collection and production, wire transfer storage, processing, and finishing. Open sharing and management use of national scientific data centers, planning 3-5 years, creating an internationally influential material service data exchange cooperation sharing platform. Under the leadership and market leadership, there have been a large number of refreshing domestic and even world records, filling domestic gaps, achieving the scientific research results of "from 0 to 1" breakthrough in Blue Valley: "Haiyan" multi-level water slide hangout maximum glossel The depth of the dive observation reaches 10619 meters, then breaks the world record; the world’s first 100,000-ton smart fishery large farmers officially entered the substantive construction stage; the world’s largest self-owned sailing container business boat "Zhifei" started construction; Unmanned autonomous navigation system laboratory ship "Zhitang" sequets; the first unmanned car project trial operation in the province; "black pearl" wave veneer, Huaxing underwater robot, etc. In the year, Qingdao Blue Valley was newly acquired 8 scientific and technical prizes, an increase of 170% year-on-year, reaching the highest level of over the years.

Blue Valley also knows that marine technology has become the magnificent power of marine economic development, and we must promote the ground transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the region. Promote the Qingdao Research Institute of Sichuan University to develop a smart coating production line for white appliance production demand, using independently developed non-solventless coatings to provide an overall solution for enterprise painting, in order to promote the industrialization of the results, Chuan Qingyuan passed the platform company in blue Valley’s establishment company is currently working with FAW Jiefang Qingdao Automotive Co., Ltd., which is expected to reach 200 million yuan in the next three years; promote the joint research center to promote the Tianda Qingdao Institute and 14 companies, relying on its The master school discipline and the brand advantage are related to the Association of Hisense Group, and the joint training project has formed more than 20 technical needs cooperation intentions. According to statistics, 1551 new market entities in Qingdao Blue Valley, an increase of 53%, and the completion of the technical contract registration is more than 100 million, the horizontal contract accounts for 79%, which is about 100 million in Qingdao, accounting for more, and a geometry Multiple growth situation. The policy landing is effective, the project signing land, the engineering start construction, the technical joint research, the results are transformed … Qingdao Blue Valley is a busy scene everywhere, every day, there is a happy "new thing". A vivid case, interpretation of Qingdao Zunren, Business, Business, Anner and Advocating Innovation, Entrepreneurship Invitation confession.

(Text / Sun Lin is mapped / Qingdao Blue Valley Authority) (Editor: Zhengpu Li, Xing Manhua).

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Shandong Laiwu Power Supply Company: "Four Qin and Promotion", create a "clearance" construction team

Shandong Laiwu Power Supply Company: "Four Qin and Promotion", create a "clearance" construction team

People’s Network Jinan November 19th, "Recently, I have been in the project settlement, and the supplier is frequent. I must pay attention to the integrity risk existing!" On November 17th, the Party Branch of the Ministry of Construction of the Shandong Laiwu Power Supply Company is responsible for project settlement Comrade for integrity reminders, implementation of the "2344" mode engineering management and integrity risk prevention and control system, and guarantee the project smoothly.

For all aspects of the project, the project subcontracting, on-site implementation, project settlement, materials management, etc. Supervise "requires that the first form is actively used, and improper behavior of improper behavior within the department in time.

At the same time, pay close attention to this professional honest risk problem clue, carefully investigate and report in time. Since this year, the construction of Laiwu Power Supply Company is seriously implemented at all levels of party style and clean government construction and anti-corruption work requirements. The integrity consciousness, consciously safeguarding the good atmosphere of integrity and mutual assistance, and creates a "clean" construction team. One is diligent, building a line of thoughts.

Monthly study discipline inspection and inspection, especially those involving engineering to fake, infringe, and indifferent to the interests of the people, etc. Risk points, and propose prevention and control measures to give good warnings.

Organize all employees to convey the spirit of implementing the company’s party style and clean government construction and anti-corruption work, combined with the reality of construction, and put forward the implementation of "four need two defenses" on party style and clean government construction and anti-corruption work. The second is diligent, prevent key positions. The construction department directly participates in the project construction process and is frequent with the supplier and the induced package unit. Once "stare" is not in place, it is likely to have problems.

The relevant department of the construction professional shall determine the job and responsible content, the technical science, material, and project management positions as honest risk prevention and control focus, the scope is smaller, and it is more targeted, which is convenient for timely discovery of seedlings and tendency.

The third is diligent, prevent close contact.

Highly paying attention to department personnel and supplier, induction contractor’s close contact behavior, multi-channel to understand the close contact of departmental personnel and suppliers, and use the departmental us to conduct a honest risk reminder, and the relevant information related to the personnel involved Conversation separately, understand the real situation, advocate "pro", but also "clear", find that the seedlings will be reminded in time, maintain "safe distance", especially high-risk issues such as borrowing vehicles, lending transactions.

Preparation of the task list of party style and clean government construction work, find 7 risk, and formulate 13 implementation programs. The fourth is to talk about, strengthen discipline style.

Sticking to the festival, organize the "four-wind" typical case, and no violation occurs during the holiday season. Clarify the requirements of public work meal standards, telling busy and entertainment venues such as bus private, stopped at the hotel, and maintains high-pressure trend, reducing risks, ensuring that employees do not have "four winds" issues.

(Bi Ci Li Hao Xinxing) (Editor: Gong Xing, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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Straw "transform" busy farmers to solve "worry"

Straw "transform" busy farmers to solve "worry"

[] "I didn’t dare to burn it, now I can’t pay, this year, the villages of the village will leave the field." At the beginning of November, the autumn harvest ended, in the Yongli Village, Liuhe Town, Mulan County, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, a straw baler In the field homework, Yang Shi, secretary of the Village Party Branch, is excited.

  In order to grab the straw before falling in the snow, Mulan County organized 20 professional service teams, mobilized 300 sets of agricultural machinery, 24 hours uninterrupted homework.

After the corn is harvested, the straw left on the ground is loaded into the chassis, and after the compression molding, the compressed form is collected, and the straw roll rolls out. The villagers said: "Old hen eggs, separated by an egg." In Mulan County Long Energy Resource Recycling Co., Ltd., the vehicle who transported straw is often.

Han Jia Lei, deputy general manager of the company, introduced the new technology of straw anaerobic fermentation, the company creating the comprehensive utilization of biomass, and treated straw reached 280,000 tons. As a large number of crop straws such as corn and rice in China, the corn and rice in Heilongjiang Province. In recent years, in order to prevent stalks from incineration from incineration, the air pollution has been introduced, and the stove ban is issued in Heilongjiang Province. In addition, there is not much living conditions, and the peasants have nothing to consume, and the feed of domestic livestock and poultry is reduced, and the straw lying in the field has become "heart disease" of farmers.

  "Solve straw problems, can’t just rely on ‘blocking", but also better’ ‘.

"Mu Hongfeng, secretary of the Mulan County Party Committee, said, through continuous expansion of straw use channels, build straw comprehensive utilization industrial system, so that straw has become resources from waste, which reduces environmental pollution, and has achieved economic benefits.

  With the popularity of modern agriculture, more and more straows are "refueling" for black land. At the end of October, Wan Sheng Village in the waist titship of Jixian County, Shuangyashan City, the straw crusher driving in the field, and the maize turns into powder, evenly across the field. Subsequently, the five-hustle plow was deep, and the powdered corn is deeply buried, and the land became smooth and loose. The vice secretary of the party branch of Wan Shengcun has introduced that in recent years, the village has realized a piece of film, and the villagers enjoy 40 yuan per mu. The village was established to set up a farm service team and opened the "last kilometer" in autumn. "Autumn broke a layer of skin, better than spring plow.

"Muzu, through the autumn, quickly complete the straw returning to the field, play the role of soil water storage, disaster reduction, to supplement the nutrition of black land," such an acre of the production of corn is about 200 pounds, farmers see the benefits, It is very supportive.

"In recent years, Heilongjiang Province has introduced a series of strong measures to strengthen supply and demand, improve technical support, and promote comprehensive utilization such as straw fertilization, feedization, energy, binder, and raw materials. Meris, Qiqihar City, Nine The emergence of environmental energy agriculture and forestry biocontrollasses in Octobia has been heated in early October. The project is a comprehensive energy system integrated with agricultural and forestry waste such as straw. Residents and industrial and commercial buildings are capable of providing high quality industrial steam for surrounding companies.

  "Small straw turns into great energy." Li Wei, chairman of the project, Harbin Jiuzhou Electric Co., Ltd., said that the water supply cost of the spread boiler room is high and the quality of heating is not ideal.

Today, the remaining heat heating from the biomass power generation, the heat efficiency is more than 80%, which can also alleviate the shortage of coal, and promote clean heating, contributing to "carbon peak" "carbon neutrics" target. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.

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Tiantiao – Semi-acquaintance Social Society!

Tiantiao – Semi-acquaintance Social Society!

In recent years, from the traditional media to the Internet to the mobile Internet, the propagation characteristics continue to change.

Especially in microblogging, WeChat, beautiful shooting, fast hands, etc. Share fragments.

The sound is a unique propagation medium that is different from video and images. In terms of expressive sense, the sound can vivid, image, and comprehensively express the creator’s views and positions. In communication, the sound is more intimate, more direct, and there is no threshold and preparation requirements for video communication.

Anyway, after the prosperity of graphic and short video, audio blogs, entrepreneurs and platforms will usher in their own beautiful times. The short frequency has accompanying attributes, emotional properties, imaging attributes, but short audio communication value has not been fully developed and effectively utilized, and the development prospects in short audio industries are broad.

Unlike other Internet companies, Tian chat is an extremely special track. Sound is more less likely to be limited in time and scene.

There is no need for any threshold, so it is more likely to penetrate all aspects of our daily lives, and it also covers the population of all ages, and pays care to family families. Children and the elderly have different demand for audiovisual.

In order to meet the needs of different age layers, more and more online audio platforms continue to extend the content matrix to achieve more user resources. High quality sound output, create a good user experience, create high quality audio content.

The emergence of short audio in 30 seconds is the development trend of the fragmentation era. The creation will be refracted and then concentrated, and the output is 1 minute audio content. This kind of content is for the user, not only the hands have been liberated, and the eyes are liberated, and they do not need to take long-term user time. Such business models believe that there will be a large development space in the future.

Tian Chao has created a semi-acquaintance to socialize. In addition, based on the understanding of voice social interaction, the Tian chat team has created the first river of semi-acquaintances, helping users to express, record emotions, from semi-acquaintances In the sound exchange of strangers, it has been understood and identifiable, and the humanistic power of the sound is played. In short video live, there are not many opportunities to leave most of the entertainment, but the fire in the audio market is not much, but the hot tail is also shown that this quality and long-tail effect will become a new content supply pool, Moreover, audio is more able to break the shackles of the scene, and the companionship of the sound can be anytime, anytime, no time.

In the future, with the increase in audio experience and interaction, audio applications will be more and more extensive, and application scenarios will also be increasingly abundant.

With the popularity of the IoT intelligent terminal, it is adapted to smart home, wearable, vehicle network terminals, etc., the audio content such as speech interaction, etc. The audio market has been screened by Maverion, and the crowded track is getting wider and wide.

Really want to change the innovation of the new industry, not only have enough resources and leading models, but also open, inclusive thinking. Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

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The belief in the 丨 丨 油 灯 坚 坚 坚 坚 坚 守 守

The belief in the 丨 丨 油 灯 坚 坚 坚 坚 坚 守 守

In the showcase of the Eu Yu Revolutionary Memorial Hall, there is such a kerosene lamp, which is used by the Red 25th Army. The first owner of this lamp is called Huanghua, which is the family of Wenshu Township, Guangshan County, joining the Red 25th Army in December 1932.

On November 10, 1934, the Red 25th Army came to Huashanzhai. He returned to the family of Kaiwan, and he wanted to visit his parents. Which homes have already been burned by the enemy, and the parents have hated it, only 12 years old. The younger brother, the book, followed the three uncle, lived in the Temple Hall. Three uncles told him that this lamp was found in his home.

The tears of the emperor went out, he held a kerosene lamp in his hand, and the heart secretly swear: our poor people must turn over to be the master! Several brothers in the village said that the brother told the Red Army to be a team who was playing the world for the poor, and she had to participate in the Red Army in anyway.

When I was quiet every night, I had to take out the kerosene lamps from home, touched and touched it again. I didn’t know where he got a light oil. The light suddenly became down and down. Under the light, it seems that there is an old mother to support the splint nano sole, seam nuts. On November 16, 1934, the Red 25th Army was long and the day and night.

The eight brothers followed the red twenty-five army combat, and in the battle of Shanshu Town, he sacrificed, only 19 years old; the battle of the Family River went to 4 her brother’s life, and the grief of the heart continued. fighting. In July 1935, in the battle of Yuanjiagu, the cooking team leader was unfortunately sacrificed.

Just 8 months, the brothers have sacrificed 6, and the younger brother Xiao Shuhua is grieved.

At night, he found the kerosene lamp from his brother’s march bag. Although the light was weak, it illuminates the hope that this smooth light gives him spiritual trust and support, but also more firmly he continues to fight with the enemy. determination.

The story of Yuguang brothers came to the army, and the kerosene lamp witnessed the revolutionary history of the Just 30 years. After the liberation, the book Hua Hua took it back to the Temple of Temple, in June 2015, Temple Hall This kerosene lamp donated to the Eu Yu Revolution Memorial Hall, always telling people to the children. "The iron heart is walking with the party. This kerosene lamp not only illuminates the revolutionary road of 氏, also always motivates us to learn from the belief in the firm Dabie Mountain spirit, continue to do not forget the junior highlights of the new era! (Editor: Peng Yuyi, Zhao Gang) Sharing let more people see.

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The 7th China Campus Drama Festival kicked off in Shenzhen

The 7th China Campus Drama Festival kicked off in Shenzhen

In the survey, please wait.If there is no response, please refresh this page Guangming.com (Reporter Li Dan) On November 17th, the 7th China Campus Drama Festival, Guangdong Hong Kong, Macau Duwan District Youth Drama Invitation Exhibition and 20 Drama Festival of 2021 Nanshan Drama Festival,It is about to open in Shenzhen Nanshan Ming.

This session is divided into the "Tong" as the theme, divided into "The 7th China Campus Drama Festival" "Yue Hong Kong, Macau Duwan District Youth Drama Invitation Show" "Forum and Lecture", "Outdoor Performance" 4 large sections, selected The 38 drama performance teams from all major universities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and Shenzhen, and the mainland have participated in the performance.

From now until December 2nd, 25 exhibitions will be staged, and the wonderful drama of the half-month will make the drama fans to play. This event, by the Chinese Players Association, the Shenzhen Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, Shenzhen Literature Arts Association, Hosted by the Nanshan District People’s Government of Shenzhen Nanshan District, the CPC Shan District Committee Propaganda Department, Shenzhen Drama Association, Nanshan District Cultural Radio, TV Tourism Sports Bureau, Nanshan District Literature Arts Association hosted. China Campus Drama Festival settled in Nanshan China Campus Drama Festival in 2008, a national-level campus drama event, held in Shanghai, Beijing and other places, this time is the first year of Shenzhen Nanshan.

The Chinese Campus Drama Festival selected 16 campus drama teams from major colleges and universities in the country participated in the exhibition. During the period, it will also be held, and the drama home enters the campus lecture, the "Star of Campus".

  The 7th China Campus Drama Festival will stage 16 works such as "Lei Jingtian" "Hamlet" "Forever Wah". Among them, the opening ceremony "Lei Jingtian" is the original drama from the Youth East University of Political Science and Law, telling the Chinese Communists and the people to enach a new contract, a contract story of a human equality.

The stage space of the multimedia background showed the old appearance of Yan’an Loess Plateau and the old appearance of the Shaani Ganshen Higherian District Court. With the development of drama scenes, Huaxian teachers and students, the Lei Jing and revolutionary youth, Yan’an people’s three groups compared to a distinction Rendering, showing historical texture, writing a spiritual core of the history of the new Chinese law. This drama festival is a new innovation attempt to focus on the "same" theme, meaning "wind and rain, like-minded, cooperative cooperation", and construct the human fate community. The form of drama repertoires include dramas, dance, tide opera, mask, children’s drama and musical, etc., let Shenzhen’s drama fans are full.

What is excited to make drama fans is that the Chinese Campus Theater Festival will settle in Nanshan. The invitation of the singer, exploring the future of the Drama, the invitation show of the Youth Drama of Guangdong, Macau is the first time the Chinese Players Association is held, and the drama exhibition activities of Youth Drama people in Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau.

This exhibition invited representative 9 denominations from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and the mainland to bring a wonderful performance. During the period, it will also hold a discussion, drama, interviews, etc., aimed to promote the exchange and cooperation of young drama people in Daxu District.

  This year’s drama invitation exhibition includes "Excellent Drama Excellence between the Cross-Straits" and "Taiwan Straits and Hong Kong and Macau Regional Forum".

"The four-strait four-way ex! The Macau Mall Experimental Struggle Troupe "Nine Sound", on the "Rings", etc. of the theater drama.

"The Drama Forum on the Taiwan Straits and Hong Kong and Macau" will invite experts from the two sides of the sides to discuss the crisis and response methods that the play may face in the future, bring a drama with the theoretical height and topic. Thoughts feast, help Chinese drama development. Outdoor drama interaction, let the public and drama are close to the Nanshan Drama Festival is the local drama brand founded in 2017. In the past three years, Nanshan Drama Festival has adhered to the core concept of "everyone is the drama +", with creative expression, attracting more than 60 domestic and foreign teams, thousands of outstanding drama workers participate. This year, the Nanshan Drama Festival will rely on the national drama platform resources. While cooperating with indoor performances, it will continue to invite professional drama team to hold a multi-player carnival performance. During the Drama Festival, there will be 13 outdoor block columns of several outdoor drama activities, Latin Jazz, National Wind and Flashing, and Top Sports, Content, Content, Diversome, Diversified Drama. And in public space in non-traditional theater.

Paragrances, Chinese famous dramas, and extrusive animation armaments and other drama image patrols, interact with modern public spaces, interacting with the audience, this imaginary "drama adventure", unconsciously Incorporate it. In order to wake up Chinese traditional opera memory, fixed one small stage, the drama of the Cantonese opera, the drama and the drama, the drama Skill, etc. In puppet, shadow, modern hand, robot, non-down performances, etc., audiences can contact the performers, even with performers, breaking the audience and stage performers. Barriers, let visitors integrate into performances, create infinite interesting dialogue. The Drama Festival fully considers young people, with "online + line" show, launched live broadcasts, the distance between the drama and the young people, combined with the form of the drama, create a different difference in the film and television drama , New experience in other art forms such as games. In order to guide art consumption, vigorously support the development of China’s drama, this drama ticket trial public welfare gift + low ticket ticketing method, the ticket price will be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the performance of the epidemic prevention and control.

Students receive a ticket for free from the student ID card, first come first served.

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